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Golden Keys to Open Ways for a Better City

December 22, 2016 • admin

Developing a new city is the theme behind SimCity. The player is the mayor of the city and he has to build buildings for residents to live in, industries to produce goods and commercial buildings to sell goods and services. The currencies used in the game are Simoleons. Golden Keys can also help in building work but they have to be acquired through strategic thinking and planning. Simoleon currencies can be achieved through good taxation policies though expenses will also have to be incurred. Simoleons can also be accumulated through these minor simcity buildit cheats.

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Golden Keys

Simoleons are the currencies that are used in SimCity. Golden Keys are currencies that are essential to build park, transport, education, gambling houses and worship specializations. These specializations help to increase the happiness of the people and thereby increase the population of the city. However Golden Keys cannot be paid for by Simoleons. They can be earned only after completing tasks either by Cargo Shipments or through Dr. Vu’s Tower.

Cargo Shipments

The cargo ship can be built with 20,000 Simoleons. Once you have the money, the option will open up. The Cargo Ship takes about 31 hours to construct. The Cargo Ship can carry goods depending on the type of goods and the spot. It will return after a few hours and you will earn your Golden Key. This is the best way to earn the Golden Key.  You will get a cargo shipment order which has to be completed with 18 hours to be filled with the items asked from your factories. On completing the order you get a golden key. These orders are placed every six hours and you can collect more golden keys to buy premium buildings. The best way to complete the order is to have everything ready to be given immediately. By this you can complete the task and claim the Golden Key. By completing such orders, you can slowly accumulate the Golden Keys. It is a slow process. But by getting Golden Keys you can go in for higher specialization.

Dr.Vu’s Tower.

With a population of 90,000 citizens and 60,000 Simoleons, you can build the Dr Vu Tower. You can earn more keys by the tower while it is slower with the cargo. Once the Tower is unlocked, you can get Disaster Challenges by providing batteries, gloves and launchers to Dr. Vu. Natural Disasters are created that lead to destruction of building and have to be rebuilt frequently. By rebuilding you receive multiples of such Golden Keys. By carrying Cargo Shipment Orders and by the Disaster Challenges you can generate Golden Keys. This is a fast way of getting keys. Dr Vu Tower is located on the highway outside the city. Dr Vu sends disasters like earthquakes, Meteor Showers and even UFO attacks. When buildings are destroyed in the city, you require goods to repair the buildings and other damages. After the repair, you can get 2 or 3 Golden Keys for each building repaired. Once you get the Golden Keys, you can boost the image of the city in specialization.

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